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The River :

Used early on as a means of communication ( the oldest ports back to the Gallo-Roman era ) , Charente became from the Middle Ages, the main trade route between the Atlantic coast and the hinterland. She carried both the product on the coasts of Aunis and Saintonge salt, water spirits vineyards of Cognac and the guns of the Royal , the famous stone Crazannes . Responsible for these goods , the boats went up and down the river , in an incessant ballet.

Allowing the transport of barrels into the sea , from the seventeenth , Charente has contributed to the world-famous Cognac vineyards . The most beautiful stream in the kingdom, in the words of Henri IV , has always contributed to the development of the city and the region of Cognac.
RIVER Charente TODAY : 

Popular tourist destination , the Charente river is still a real source of wealth for the departments through it , even if its economic importance is felt mainly downstream to Tonnay -Charente and Rochefort ( basins of Commerce) thanks to cabotage. With a total length of 361 km , the Charente is navigable from Angoulême to Rochefort (170 km). Its source is in the Limousin ( at Chéronnac ) , then crosses , according to the department of Vienne , Charente and Charente -Maritime , a multitude of picturesque villages , with a particularly rich heritage. At the end of its long journey , Charente finally empties into the Atlantic Ocean, between Port des Barques ( left bank) and Fouras (right bank) , between Isle Madame and Aix Island , opposite Fort Boyard .

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