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Major Trading Houses :

Let us tell you about the history of houses
The large trading houses all of cognac an original story . Family epics taste of the business, world history, productions cognacs , each house tells part of tour routes .

In COGNAC (12km Domain)

Camus is the only major cognac house to have remained in the family fold since its founding in 1863. Born there five generations , it provided institutions as prestigious as the Café de Paris and the Savoy Hotel in London and even the Court of Russia. The tour begins with a historical overview of the site and vineyards before returning to the origins of the Camus family. It then discusses the different stages of ripening of a cognac by olfactory tastings.
It is also possible to participate in workshops.
The workshop will introduce : the classic visit to Master Blender to make his own blend of cognacs.
The workshop enjoy : cooking lessons around the cognac orchestrated by a leader with experience in sharing the family table.
The workshop will cover : the discovery of the oldest districts in Cognac travel on the Ile de Ré on the Atlantic coast , where it comes from the range of Ré Fine Island.

Hours: From June to September , Monday from 14h to 18h and from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 12:30 and from 14h to 18h , October to May by appointment

Prices: Adults : € 7 / € 20.80 / € 160 , Under 18 : free

29, rue Marguerite de Navarre , 16100 Cognac
05 45 32 72 96


It is the oldest cognac houses . It is in 1715 that Jean Martel and barely twenty years from Gersey founded his own company . The tour starts with a visit to the home of the founder ( eighteenth kitchen , office trader … ) .
It continues in the winery in a beautiful staging: rows of vines , distillery, laboratory winemaker , cooperage, aging cellar . It extends along the banks of the Charente River reconstructed where Martell barge is moored .
Hours: Open 7 days 7 from 10h to 17h on weekdays and from 12h to 17h on weekends (closed Sunday in October). Closed in January and February, 1 May and 25 December

Prices: Adult : from € 7.50 and less than 12 to 18 years : € 3.

7 Place Edouard Martell Cognac 16100
05 45 36 33 33


 » The cognac rather than weapons  » this could be the motto of the founder of the house in 1765 , Richard Hennessy. Stationed on the island of Ré and seduced by the Charente land , he settled in Cognac and established his trading house . A fabulous commercial epic began. She would put the mark on all continents. The visit is organized around a river ride where a bank the other discover the winemaking methods , the art of cooperage , aging cellars , the Hennessy museum and an exhibition of luxury bottles.

Schedule: From March to April and October to December: Monday to Friday from 10am to 11am ( starting last visit) and 14h to 16h30 ( starting last visit) . From May to September : daily from 10am to 11:30 ( starting last visit) and from 14h to 17h ( starting last visit) . Closed in January and February, 1 May and 25 December

Rates: Rates : Adult : from 9 € , under 12 free.

1 , rue de la Richonne , 16100 COGNAC
05 45 35 72 68


Located in the castle of Valois, who was born Francis I in 1494 , the Otard has more than 200 years. The tour allows you to discover the castle where the spirit radiates Renaissance hall in Headphones ( thirteenth century ), where Richard the Lion Heart celebrated the marriage of his son with Amélie de Cognac, home of the Governor, the helmet room , dining States , Guard room , vaulted cellars and backed the rock walls of the city. The most striking point is the « paradise » , a former prison today based the oldest (1820) cognacs.

Hours: Guided tours every day From April 1 to October 31, except May 1st

Prices : adult guided tour : € 8.50 : child: € 4

127 Boulevard Denfert Rochereau , 16100 COGNAC
05 45 36 88 86


In 1724 , the young Remy Martin, winemaker in the region of Cognac, founded his company . A few years later , Louis XV give the family a waiver for planting new vines , due to the excellence of its cognacs. It was the beginning of a global conquest.
The tour takes place on a train. At the cooperage , artisans produce the barrels by hand. Then, the train covers the vineyards and visitors can watch as the season size, the stripping , the harvest . Then comes the entrance to the winery assemblies and aging. Tasting closing the circuit.
Visits prestige are also available around themes: multisensory , tasting meeting with Louis XIII cognac brand …

20 , rue de la winery , 16100 COGNAC
05 45 35 76 66


After the visit to the winery and tasting different cognacs , you can have lunch in their culinary workshop where the friendliness and good humor head waiting for you to cook in front of you regional specialties around Cognac. You will be surprised by the alliance of modernity and authenticity

Hours: Open from 10h to 17h ; possibility to have lunch there after the visit by appointment only from 11:30 to 15h

26, rue Pascal Combeau 16100 COGNAC
05 45 82 32 10

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