Corinthe & Christophe Pédurand
49 Avenue Du Treuil 17770 Burie France
+33 (0)6 30 20 89 60

History :

History of the Domaine : 

It is Frédéric BIGNON , a man from a family of cognac producers , which also ranks among the notables attending diligently the seaside resort of Royan , that we owe the castle Le Treuil .
Sold in 1926 by his son Paul Frederick to Joseph WARTELLE , the domain is acquired in 1944 by Georges- Armand VINET , Mayor of Burie .
Located at the entrance of town that owes its prosperity to viticulture, Le Treuil is the epitome of the house turned into an operetta notable castle in the late nineteenth century. This is probably the origin of two housing bodies that are welded into a simple rectangular floor remains covered roof tile , it must look to its monumental campaign alterations by architect Verdier, when he stashed in the year 1890 against the previous original facade, two pavilions stone slated between two cylindrical towers pepper and mullioned window , while the rear façade has a balustrade overlooking the body building.

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